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Information About Tropical Fish: The Bottom And The Formula For Scientific Designation Class Hear The Fish.

In this report on the tropical fish you keep information about the origins of tropical fish, the bottom and the formula for scientific designation class hear the fish.

There are a growing number of people to keep tropical fish in an aquarium because it is more popular and the age of these aquarists varies from older teens . Tropical fish need more after watching the cold-water fish such as goldfish and this factor extra care, I think people coming to tropical fish.

Because tropical fish are small , you have several of them in your tank , they are colored in most cases , there are more styles so that you have plenty to choose from and you can easily buy fish, without being brought from their native habitat , as they are now mostly bred in captivity.

Due to special breeding , to be implemented over the years , it is unlikely that the fish you have in your aquarium, the same color , size and shape of the original fish from for example, in Venezuela, where the dwarf cichlids checkerboard emerged, but where breeding died in captivity, then you have the authentic desert imported shares.

The naming system
Almost all species of fish has a common name (or several) , pet stores and hobbyists can use on a regular basis , but if a description and identification then requires common names are not enough .

Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish physician and botanist and zoologist ( as the father of modern taxonomy , and is considered one of the leaders of modern ecology be ) that brought down the building blocks for naming species system binomial nomenclature system.

A relationship between the groups of animals and plants has been used for over 350 years and is identified and implemented by the system of binomial nomenclature. To find the object, describe and organizations around seven key areas and is known as taxonomy, in this order / Division Kingdom / Phylum / class / order / family / genus / species .

But as its name suggests, uses the process of binomial nomenclature only the last two identifiers , the type and name of the species . Although each word in the name is Latin, and it could be known as the " Latin name " have a preference for biologists call the "scientific name".

Two scientific name for a fish may occur from time to time due to the reclassification of a particular fish. This is following the progress of ichthyology (study of fish) and the fact that the new name does not always by all concerned.

In cases where there is no specific descriptor fish from a genre known scientific name is the generic name (genus ) are added to the species. In January 2010, the information revealed by a database large fish species counted 31,000 fish and 250 new species are recorded each year . Fish species exceed all other vertebrates ( mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians) .



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